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Janelle Despot Art

Cosmic Wreath

Cosmic Wreath

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These last few years have been such an intense time— starting with the COVID pandemic. Things were moving along at the start of 2020, business as usual, and then BAM, the world shut down. I'm not sure we've really processed what happened. Globally, all of humanity was effected—everyone lost people, and parts of themselves. Even though destruction and death are the hardest things to move through, something new was being born.

In the second year of the pandemic, I created a wreath in this unknown void—as a memorial to everything, and everyone that was lost. The parts of ourselves that were shed. I was hopeful, and still am, that something new is blooming.

"Cosmic Bloom"

Mixed Media on Wood

30" x 30"

Shipping cost will be billed separately, or painting can be picked up/delivered if in San Diego.

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