The Tower


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14.25 in x 18.25 in
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Original Framed Drawing
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I found myself returning to this drawing, “The Tower” in times where I wanted to escape. I was inspired by the “Tower” card in the Tarot Deck— which signifies sudden change and destruction— ultimately leading to liberation. During 2020, our collective and peronal world as we knew it was crumbling around us. I think we all had the sense of it happening for the better, even if it’s messy and confusing at the time. There lays a beautiful, chaotic perfection to it all.

All originals can be viewed in person in San Diego, CA. Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a studio visit! I’m also available for any conversation or questions.

This framed drawing can be delivered or picked up in San Diego. Shipping for this piece will be billed separately with total for crating and shipping fee.


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