Rebirth- Shadow Garden


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5" x 7"
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Designed for daily inspiration, to be placed in a special place or altar

Altars span many traditions, religions, cultures, and purposes. Simply put, an altar can be any size, and filled with anything that helps you connect more deeply to yourself, loved ones, your emotions, and dreams. Altars can be tended to for a daily reminder to live a life that’s reverent and personally meaningful.

I call this altar card version “Rebirth —Shadow Garden” because it’s inspired by trust in the unseen. We’re still growing. Still tending to the digging, the unearthing, the cultivating. We’re still being stripped to the barest of our essence… my hope is this card can remind you to let go and trust the process.

“Rebirth – Shadow Garden” is 5  x 7 and printed on shimmery charcoal paper. Each one is embellished with white paint for a special personal touch. There’s a limited number of this first edition. 

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Thank you to Spirit Printing Services for your help in producing this card. Your patience and passion is always appreciated 🙂


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