New Moon Musings

I channeled a little simple new moon ritual this morning. During this quarantine, I’ve committed to expunging 3 whole pages every day upon waking, and it’s life transforming. 

To begin, just take a deep breath, where ever you are, and let it go. 

Simply feel and understand the sucking in force of the new moon. Why it’s such a good time to release the feelings, habits, patterns that are holding you back right now. Sucking and pulling out everything you want to let go of. The absence of the moon is like a vacuum, an opportunity. Feel that force pulling you in to your core, wringing you out. It might draw you down to the earth… feel held by that stable, solid energy. 

Now close your eyes and dream. Feel dizzy with the possibility of having this which you see. See the life you want and fill with joy and gratitude, since you need to get into the feeling state of already having it. Activate your power of day dreaming. Not logically planning. Then gently ask, what is getting in the way of me having this?

Did a hesitation come up that said you don’t deserve it? that’s self worth shit. That’s the first thing to breath out like a dark toxic cloud. Because you fucking deserve the most radiant, abundant, easy life of your dreams.  I struggle with my own self worth, so it always hits a hot button! 

Back to dreaming of your radiant life…  when you ask, what is getting in the way of this… the first thing to pop in your head, hold it for a minute. And then release it. Breath it out. And in and OUT. Imagine the invisible moon, sucking and disappearing into the night sky, as drawing out all of this, in every crevice. Believe that simply breathing it out in one, sacred, dedicated moment, in a humble prayer asking for help, will transmute the pattern. It will begin to happen. 

At the beginning of every week, I pull 4 cards from my SOUL decks. I ask for guidance for the week, what is it I need to know? This week I asked the amazing Wild Unknown Deck – What can I release that’s preventing me from living my dreams? I pulled the 5 of pentacles. Worry, anxiety, fear. A really deep pattern that always lays at the fringes. All week I’ve been seeing when these thoughts come up. But, like the NO BULL card from the week (from Spirit Speaks Iris Oracle Deck), I’m determined to fight and release this pattern. Cut through the bullshit and habits that fuel this way of thinking. Really tackle with confidence and fire. Your new moon moment doesn’t have to be so fiery. It can be self loving and gentle. Just please realize this energy and night is for everyone. 

If you would like even more insight as to where the moon falls, the place in the sky is where it’s most activated in your body, these are my favorite resources to dive more fully into the night map at play:

Mystic mama

Rasa Lila Healing I really have been loving listening to this astrologer. He’s very studied, powerful and I like the clarity and way he explains the cosmos. 

Thank you, thank you for reading and being here, for walking your inner transformative journey… whatever that looks like to you.

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