Coloring as Ritual

Listening to the wisdom of our bodies and true selves is essential to navigate the world in an authentic way, but that guidance can be so quiet sometimes. I created the Color Me Free coloring book to help lead you inward— back to your Body & Creative Spirit. I hope these suggestions can elevate your coloring time and remind you of a flow state that feels effortless and joyful. 

Imagine the energy of creating is like a wisp of smoke that follows no linear rules. Let it collect in the cracks between rigid thinking and doubt, and let the inspiration take you. I invite you to tap into the feeling of your emotions, memories, and senses as you color these pages. 

Try doing a little snake-like sway and movement when you connect to this energy, and take 3 DEEP breaths, way down into your lower belly when you sit down to color. Hold it down there, and soften. See if an intention or question nudges at the tip of your consciousness. This can be the mental “altar” of your coloring ritual— and it can change each time you sit to create. It can simply be… “I Intend to Let Go.”  

As you begin, I suggest taking your time thumbing through these pages, and try to notice when you FEEL a YES arise. It’s a strange, mysterious sensation — but follow that — and decide your next action from your Body and it’s attraction to an image, word, color, etc.  There is no right or wrong.  Only you and your unique, beautiful expression. 

May you come out each session a little lighter, a little more in love with yourself. A little freer. 

Extra Ritual Tip: Play your favorite music, sip your favorite beverage, indulge in your favorite smoke or scent. Create this time and space for you. 

There’s a place at the end of the book to capture a potent personal breakthrough. An AHA that feels like the tip of an unraveling. 

I wish you well on your coloring journey! And I hope it unlocks greater freedom in your life. 


Click to Download a PDF version of Ritual


Be Well. Be Free. Be You. 

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