Oh Frida

Oh Frida, where do I even start.    You inspired me at a very young age to be an artist.  I didn’t really understand what that meant then, and still don’t even really know —But i felt it, and still feel it.    You remind me of what’s true.    Thank you for showing us …

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Coloring as Ritual

Listening to the wisdom of our bodies and true selves is essential to navigate the world in an authentic way, but that guidance can be so quiet sometimes. I created the Color Me Free coloring book to help lead you inward— back to your Body & Creative Spirit. I hope these suggestions can elevate your …

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Be a Sunflower

Wishing you the bright happiness of the sunflower. Life is a journey of self-acceptance and growth— but always remember the perfection you are in this moment… even with all of your imperfections and dark crevices. To me, crossing a threshold of nonstop self confidence and inner strength has always been allusive. But, the drive in …

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Hello and Welcome!

I sit here, ready to start. The words I want to share have been laying latent for many, many lifetimes, and the truth that always seems so complicated to grasp—really isn’t. All we have to do is remove the boulders of fear and doubt that are actually made up of the twisty-turny illusions that we …

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