Be a Sunflower

Wishing you the bright happiness of the sunflower.

Life is a journey of self-acceptance and growth— but always remember the perfection you are in this moment… even with all of your imperfections and dark crevices.

To me, crossing a threshold of nonstop self confidence and inner strength has always been allusive. But, the drive in my heart to shine, find the light, and inspire others to put themselves out there is eternal.

I created this coloring ritual for us (Click HERE to download Sunflower Page). I invite you to meditate on your unique beauty, truth and inner flame.

What lights you up? How can you cultivate that everyday? Summer and COVID fatigue beckons us out, but I feel the time is so right to spend some time within. Keep honing into your desire, your dreams. Tap into these as you color, breathing away your doubt.

Share your finished versions with me! I would love to put them all together with other finished sunflowers, a radiant field of collective badass souls. You can post and tag me @janelledespotart, DM your finished version, email me, anyway you wish.

Thank you for being here.

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