Hello, and Let’s GO

I sit here, ready to start. The words I want to share have been laying latent for many, many lifetimes, and the truth that always seems so complicated to grasp—really isn’t. All we have to do is remove the boulders of fear and doubt that are actually made up of the twisty-turny illusions that we, ourselves, hold together. I’ve been wanting to start an Artist Blog for so long. It’s kind of embarrassing how long I’ve put it off. But, that’s not important. And, who will read this, isn’t either. It’s just the experience of knowing that I did something I’ve always wanted to do. Release something into the world I felt was meant to be released, not knowing where it will land, or even what I will really say or talk about. Full Truth. 

I’ll share first about the creative process. How art, and creation, become the barometer of your life. When you listen to that inner stirring to do something, you feel better and more in touch with YOU, and when you don’t listen and don’t do it, you talk about doing it, and stress about not doing it, and it still eats up the same amount of energy, except you don’t feel better. It’s not like exercising… I used to compare a creative practice to that… because sometimes I need to lay and not go for a walk. I listen to myself. But when you don’t create, you aren’t listening to yourself. There’s more fear that drives that distance. 

It’s hard to know where to start. I’m the queen of muddled steps, not taking steps, etc etc. 

The first step I encourage is to also demystify the creative process. Everyone thinks they suck at some time or another. The trick is just to remove the judgement. Just simply get something out, and don’t judge it. That’s the practice. Scribble on paper, and see what that feels like. Just see how it feels in your body, if you have this release, this inner scream well up. See if you cry. There’s something tangible to exorcise with creating art. 

Over the past five or so years, I let creating art start coming from my head. Start coming from a “business” worldly place and it made me unhappy and stressed out. It started happening when I declared— I’m going to make my living independently with art and design. Creating was my “job” and now looking back, I think I got really blocked. I would pendulum from art and design and make them opposed instead of integrated— but that’s a subject for it’s own blog post. I think that happened so I can see the contrast, be vocal with my journey back to “the other side” of complete right brained, artistic flow. To see if I won’t end up in the gutter. See if I fly. All I know is that sharing makes me feel better, and being honestly radially real will connect me with the other souls who are itching for the same journey of busting out of their self-imposed limitations. It feels like the way I can help. 

So here I am! And I thank you so much for being here! I’m here to support your journey, how a little more art and soul can help. I’ll be sharing more about specific art pieces and the mental belief-scapes that come up—to be witnessed, integrated or shed. Some spirit things that help me on my path, also creative entrepreneurial stuff I’ve picked up along that way.

Stay tuned!

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